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The Rise in Properties

Home values and commercial properties have been reaching record highs in Los Angeles County especially after the initial Covid-19 outbreak. According to Zillow, on August, 2011; median home value in Los Angeles was around $375,000 and today August, 2021; median home value have doubled in Los Angeles reaching well over $750,000. 

With real estate being more costly, we strongly recommend you to protect your investment by hiring an attorney.


It’s because there are factors that could possibly make or break you. The property you purchase may consist of construction defects, or environmental hazards involved with the property that was originally unknown to you prior that may be the fault of the previous owner.

At Chiao & Wu, LLP, our firm assists clients with all of their residential and commercial real estate matters. Our real estate transactional department caters to clients from all backgrounds, may be property developers to prominent business leaders involved in the real estate market. 

Services We Provide

With decades of combined experience from our dedicated attorneys, it would be our pleasure to provide services which includes but is not limited to the following.

    • Eminent Domain
    • Unlawful Detainer
    • Construction Defects
    • Drafting and Negotiating Commercial and Residential Leases
    • Zoning Disputes
    • Drafting Real Estate Contracts
    • Real Estate Litigation
    • HOA Disputes
    • Residential and Commercial Property Development
    • Telecommunication / Satellite Leases
    • Ground Leases

An Investment to Your Family

Acquiring a residential house, or perhaps a commercial property is generally the largest purchase in your life, or even as an investment for your future.  This is why we believe you should hire an attorney.

At Chiao & Wu, LLP we are here to guide you through the process of purchasing, drafting, negotiating leases, and other legal matters that may arise. Throughout the years, we have represented clients of all backgrounds from prominent developers, to small business owners, drafting and negotiating leases for them against notable companies such as Home Depot, Office Depot, Jaguar Dealerships, Rite Aid, and many more.

Additionally, we are here to protect you from any litigation that may arise. Our team utilizes aggressive but cost-efficient strategies designed to maximize your compensation, while also minimizing your costs. We want to develop a long-standing relationship with you and provide you with the highest quality representation. 

Let’s Protect your Investment Today

Protect yourself from making an expensive mistake. Let us help you protect your investment. Contact Chiao & Wu, LLP today to schedule a consultation to assist you in your real estate matters.

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