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A Must for All; Estate Planning

For many, estate planning is often an overlooked area. To be blunt, it is often just too late by the time many people realize they should have created one a lot earlier.

Estate planning is vital to everyone because it helps decide what happens to their assets in the future. Having this discussion is not always easy, but proper planning goes a long way. Without a proper plan in place, your assets will be disposed of by a judge. Our attorneys can help make sure that does not happen.

At Chiao & Wu, LLP, our experienced estate planning attorneys are here to provide the available options for you to plan for your family’s future. We are here to make sure your decisions will be honored, and your family’s future is provided for with no stone left unturned.

Services We Provide

Our firm provides comprehensive estate planning services along with representation to trustees and beneficiaries in legal proceedings involving a decedent’s wishes. Our estate planning services includes but is not limited to the following.

    • Conservatorship Administration / Litigation
    • Trust Litigation / Administration 
    • Property Transfer of Estates 
    • Quitclaim Deeds and Change of Ownership Reports
    • Power of Attorney for Asset Management
    • Power of Attorney for Healthcare Directives
    • Probate Litigation / Administration
    • Advanced Healthcare Directives

Careful Craftsmanship for Your Future

Our estate planning attorneys have crafted and amended hundreds of wills and trusts catered to our clients’ specific preferences and wishes. Our attorneys would like to sit down with you and have a discussion of any questions you may have so we can guide you through the right path. We will take your preferences and expectations and mold them into an unique, but yet personal estate plan. Additionally, we have attorneys that specialize in business law that can also advise on a potential transfer of business if so needed.

Let’s Get Started Today!

Plan for your future and let’s get started today. Time is of the essence. Contact Chiao & Wu, LLP so we can provide the ease of mind that your estate, and your family’s future will be properly handled.

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